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Default I hate people that don`t

We have this guy who lives around the corner from us.......,now there is only one way out of our cul-de-sac ,so this guy must walk passed our house every day at least 3 or 4 times,,,,,,When Zola was a pup,this guy went out his way to let us know that he disliked GSD so much,,he never has liked them and never seems he has started to tell every one in our village that we keep a dangerous out of control dog,,( some people listen some don`t ) so why does he think that, you may be wondering,,,,,,well .some time he walks passed our house Zola gives him a piece of her mind, barking loudly at the window , we think she has picked up on the fact he hates her,for she doesn`t bark at every one...The other day while playing with our two boys I got a knock at the front door,,,it was a friend of this guy and he wasn`t in the mood for a friendly chat.You see,he lives behind us and had decided to come and tell me how much he is sick of hearing Zola barking,,all day and some nights he said,he didn`t like the fact she is left in the garden all day ( she isn`t ), she is left alone in the house when we go out ( never... she is always with us in the car ),AND he finished by saying ..." If you don`t shut her up.....I will "...............What a pile of poo he was talking..We called the police,..Why are people like this,why do they class GSD`s dangerous........this guy lives next to a couple who own little terriers who bark all day in the garden,I told him that and his reply was " yeah I do but you cannt call that barking "Now the guy who walks passed our house has chipped in....I hate people that don`t like GSD`s
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