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My dog just bit my friend Help!

I have a dog who is fear aggressive with strangers (this still includes my friends) so I have been managing this by crating him on the rare occasion I have company until the trainer comes to my house. I realize I am in over my head with his aggression problems and need a trainer to come help me, unfortunately it's still going to be a week until I can meet with them. Apparently while I was at school though my roommates decided that because he had been doing well with obedience with me that he would do better with my friend, which couldn't be less accurate if they tried. So they went in the backyard with one of my friends while Duke was outside and as far as I've been told he "went up and sniffed, and then just lunged and bit him on the arm and on the ribs before they could fully control him and my friend got inside the house" I am completely freaking out, because now my dog has a bite record, and has this terrible experience before I could even start working with a trainer. I knew he was fear aggressive because he growled and barked at strangers in the past, but I didn't know it was this bad. Does anyone have any advice, comments, anything?
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