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It could very well just depend on the individual dog's personality or her past experience in relation to toys. When I was around my ranch dogs, I had two that did not like toys.

The older one, Max, came from an abusive background and nearly got his head caved in with a shovel for squeaking toys when he was a puppy. So he just never played with toys ever again.

One of my others, Colby, just had no interest as long as I was around. I have a theory that he was just much more focused on interacting directly with me than using a toy to interact with me. He would run through his commands, follow me all around the ranch, work the cattle with me no problem, but he just didn't find toys rewarding or fun. I think he might have carried a rope bone or stick around a couple times when I wasn't there, but the second I got there he was just too focused on me to care about a toy.

I'd be interested to know if Babs ever uses toys around other people or is it just you? Not in a bad way, just wondering if maybe she finds you more interesting than her toys when you're around?
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