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Can we chat about toys?

Babs will be 9 in August. Her litter sister, Jenna, loves toys. She guts them. She plays with them. She gives them to Joy who will eat them if I do not get them away from her quick enough. But Babs she acts like toys are beneath her, and pretty much has always acted that way.

Today, I glanced in the living room, and Babs' tail was doing a perfect circle, and I heard a few squeaks. She was playing with a toy on the floor. I was watching from the other room, and she noticed and came trotting in without the toy.

I told her that she can play with it. I like her to play with it. It makes me happy. But no. She was done. She would sit on her armchair in my study.

I went in the other room and picked up the toy, and took it to the bedroom. I threw it on the bed. She acted like it was poison.

Why? Why does she only want to play with a toy if I am not there? It's weird.

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