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Mom Graduating, Tasked with pictures, So Nervous

Hey guys!

Those of you who remember GSD Fan may remember that my mother was in college. Well I have great news, on May 10th my 54 year old mother will walk on stage and receive a Master's Degree in Social Work! I am so proud of my mother!

I know my mother will be nervous, but I will be nervous as well. My sister and her husband won't be able to attend, so there's a chance it will be me and my father ONLY to support her. It's going to be a ton of people there and I am VERY nervous. It's not my day and not trying to take any attention from, but I am going to be nervous.

I just bought a digital camera and so I will be tasked with taking pictures. That's not why I am nervous and that's nothing to me, if I get a good seat taking pics shouldn't be problem. I am, however, a little afraid that what if I mess up and don't take quality pics?

I am so proud of my mother and happy to be attending her graduation, her final graduation because she's not going for the Ph.D.

Does anyone have any words of comfort or anything that might lower my nervousness?
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