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#1 -- make sure his collar/tags are updated to your new & cell phones.

#2 -- home is where you are, they move easier than you think.

#3 -- if there were previous dogs in the new location you may want to make sure the inside is marking free. I blacklighted the carpet and walls when we moved to our place because I knew there was a dog there before. I hit anything suspicious with an odor enzyme like Simple Solution.

#4 -- when we moved we just hauled our dogs back and forth with us. There were several trips. I just made sure they were secured in a room or the backyard during the movers part and the rest of the packing and unpacking appeared boring to them. As long as there are familiar smelling things around and their people it is fine. You may not want to just leave him in the new yard and drive off. If you have to make several trips just haul the dog along.

Best wishes in your new location. They really do fine.

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