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Recurring UTIs

Our female puppy has had Urinary Tract Infections off and on ever since we got her, and to be honest, we're getting really frustrated with the situation. Please forgive me for this long post, but I want to be as thorough as possible.

The first time we saw symptoms I took her to the Emergency Room, and they put extra water under her skin (for lack of a better expression), used K-Laser to help with the inflammation, and prescribed Amoxicillin for seven days.

Three days without antibiotics later the UTI came back, and the vet took a sterile urine sample to get a urine culture. They also took an ultrasound, which turned out to be ok, and did the (pricy) K-Laser for three days. The results from the urine culture came back, and it turned out that the bacteria were resistant to Amoxicillin, so we received another antibiotic, Baytril. After that, I think she was UTI-free for five days before it returned.

This time we saw a different vet who prescribed Zeniquin. I also started to give her cranberry extract every day and after two weeks of no signs, I thought she was fine for good. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Since it didnít happen on a weekend or late in the evening, we were finally able to see our regular vet. He ordered another urine culture, and these results showed no resistance to Amoxicillin. I gave her the last dose on Sunday, but sure enough, she started squatting again yesterday afternoon. She even peed inside later, and I was certain she has yet another infection. I got a urine sample this morning, brought it to the vet and guess what, it turned out to be negative! She is still squatting today, peeing three, four times within a short period of time and I canít believe the results came back negative. Does anybody have an explanation for this? I ordered PetAliveís UTI-Free, but it wonít get here till next week, and Iím not sure how to proceed at this time. Your feedback is very much appreciated, thank you!
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