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Please could you help?

Lara our 14 month old bitch has been with us for 3 weeks now.I know it's still very early days for her, but as we cannot find a trainer who has experience with GSDs, we want to make sure we are doing the right thing while we look further afield. The trainers we've spoken to so far say "Well it's the breed".
So Lara is very vocal on the lead with other dogs. So we have let her off & sometimes if the other dog is quiet, so is ok. We've even walked with two quiet labs & she ended up ignoring other dogs because they were.
She will charge the other dog with a snarl, we then call her, she comes straight back. But because the other dog will usual yelp, even though she hasn't done any damage at all, the other owners obviously don't like it. We can stop her from going to the other dog by telling her to leave. She will also be distracted by her ball.
She's also very vocal around people on the lead. Last weekend our daughter & her dog visited. Lara was perfect in the garden with him, they played all day without any aggression.
Do you think she'll ever stop doing this? What can I do till I find a training class to help her improve?
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