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Since i was a child very very young i idont even remember

started with chickens and budgies

Kids would be taking library books on stuff like hansel and gretal

ID BE Taking out bird books on crowned cranes lol

Just an obesssion, I love to bird watch also

BIRDS are my firt passion

Then cats and dogs

Id like to finish and be a avian vet tech my dream

if someone is not a bird person some species can make life **** for them specially macaws

I Dont have much experience with large cockatoo

I try to breed certain species that I feel are a good match, unlike dogs theese are wild animals there is NO BREED regardless what people say diff parrrots are NOT diff breeds they are diff species

OTHEr than chickens, canary, turkey, geeese, pigeons and many more which all have many breeds each.

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