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Question Leashed walks for both

Hello. I am the owner of 2 white German shepherds, Kiba my boy is gonna be 5 in November, and Emma just turned 1 on April 18th.

When I first got Kiba I was living at my moms and in the process of buying a house, which ended up falling through, leaving me and Kiba at my moms for another year. The time came I found another house and moved in. At this point my mom was attached and had an elder dog of her own and they had become very good friends over the year and a half before I moved out and she didn't want me to take him and split up their friendship. Her dog at the time was 13.

Anyways, so I would go over to my moms to walk him as much as I was able to, she didn't live very far. He is very well behaved on the leash, except for when we first leave the house. He gets very excited but after he spends a little bit of energy he calms down, heels and listens very well. I have gone biking with him on our bike trail, he dosn't try chasing things or go for other dogs.

Emma gets most of her exercise in our back yard. Its fenced in and she hasn't been on too many walks. Her leash skills are lacking, however once the general excitement wears off she also listens very well.

My moms dog has since passed away and Kiba is now living with us. But now I can not for the life of me figure out how to get them both walking right. They seem to feed off of each other and now neither of them listen and both try to do their own thing. I have spent hours with them both on the leash and nothing seems to be working. I have walked around the yard with their leashes in my hand and on them waiting for them to calm down before we go and they do, but then they get amped up again when we leave. I have tried one on one, and they do good, but as soon as i get them together its crazy. Also its not helping that Emma is in this adolescent phase and is constantly trying to challenge me.

Does anyone have any tips for getting them both to walk right together? Ideally i would like to be able to bike with both of them.
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