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my boy diesel
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i am gonna venture out on this and advise you work too long of hours to properly train this girl
30 min barely qualifies as a long walk and i am sure she has pent up energy to spare
i would love to see a pic if you have one
blue spot does not mean chow automatically but from her looks perhaps we could guess

as for light or shadow chasing as you describe it sounds like someone played with her with a laser 'toy' to wear her out probably
then her behavior problems arose and they either let her go or even owner surrendered and her paperwork does not reflect this

if you do return her please note her bad habits or she will wind up being adopted out to unsuspecting people yet again

i will add that many dogs need antidepressants to get over this behavior

if you do keep her invest in a crate for when you are gone or you are liable to come home to some dead kitties
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