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Any other macaw owners? My old macaws are just so laid back they dont get into trouble but my new onee is a very naughty boy

He went after my construction workers!!! lol i had to save them

I am trying to make sure their room is totally macaw proof so they cant hurt themselves or distroy something

Macaws are the only big parrots i have a lot of experience with, I never had a cockatoo always curious what they are like? bUt i dont understand cockatoo language well so never got one

I am going to buy some blcoks of wood for them today j

Love to chat with other large parrot owners

I have a lot of little parrots all over as well, had outdoor peacocks, ducks, silvers, and geese before but now i live in the city so no more of those

I am building a massive outdoor aviary so they can enjoy the outdoors
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