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Best collar for my GSD?

I'd like recommendations on the best collar for my adult German Shepherd. I prefer a soft collar with a snap buckle. It's very important to me that this collar is very comfortable around his throat, as there may be some previous trauma there (he is a rescue dog). I find the 1 inch martingale collar he currently has is too wide (digs into his fur). I realize Shepherds have strong necks and going narrower doesn't seem to make sense, but his fur is getting 'mashed' up and snagged with his current collar.

I should mention that Iím still training him not to pull on leash, and prefer to use the Lunzer harness I had made for him. I find myself switching between the harness, the martingale (not very effective), a slip collar, and a slip collar made using his leash - for more control. Iím going to try attaching the leash to the front of his harness, rather than on his back behind his centre of gravity. Meantime, Iíd appreciate suggestions on a good everyday collar that can be alternated with his harness. (P.S. Iíve read articles on the pros and cons of using prong collars). Thanks.
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