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New adopted dog, are we introducing the right way, any tips appreciated

Hi all, pretty new here to the forum. We have our first GSD, Chet, who is 8 months old. Very well behaved ( so far ), socialized, loves every dog he meets. Last night we adopted a 3 year old vizsla, Charlie. We lost our last vizsla almost a year ago, and my wife has been dying to have another one in our little family. The dogs met last night, Chet absolutely loved him, Charlie not so much. Just growled and nipped at him a little when Chet got up in his face, though his tail was still wagging. It was at the place Charlie has been living, a neutral location wasn't really an option, so I'm assuming that was part of it. Plus, with Chet's size, he can be a little overwhelming I think. Charlie is a very sweet, happy little dog, very loving, and attached right to my wife. Anyway, we plan on crating them and just rotating in and out for a few weeks so they get used to the idea of each other in the house. We are keeping them in crates in our bedroom, and last night went fine. Chet barked because he wanted to play, but settled down and went to sleep. I know it will take time for them to get used to one another, just want to make sure I go about it the right way. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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