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I have been in your situation and it is really frustrating. You might as well forget about the people who don't want to walk with your dog and see if you can find other dog owners in the area who might be willing to meet up once a week. My nearest trainer is a ferry ride and a further 4 hours away and we have few dogs in our area. We used to go away and camp and hill walk a lot at weekends so getting her over her reactive behaviour to other dogs was really important but felt impossible. I put up posters in the vets and even an advert in the paper looking for dog owners who might want to come for a walk with us. I also stopped other dog walkers and explained the situation and asked if they would mind if I joined them. I read up a lot on BAT and LAT and spent 5 days with a trainer in the closest city working on my handling technique with her. It wasn't cheap and I had to save to do it but I felt I had no option. We're still working on it and now we're out of winter it's easier because there are more people about but without a trainer or regular access to other dogs makes it so much harder.

When I couldn't get out with other dogs I used other animals instead. It sounds mad but she reacted to cows in the same way as she reacted to other dogs. I worked on having her watch me when the cows approached and have now moved that on to the same when dogs are about. It's a slow process but you can get there.

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