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Socializing with other dogs is becoming impossible..

My boy Juice is just about 7 months now. I live in a very rural part of the Netherlands, and while our country is very dog friendly there is very little open land (it is all used for farming and livestock), and dog parks are unheard of.

When he was still a little puppy he'd get to meet the neighborhood dogs while out on walks, but since he has grown into this large, barking, lunging monster no one will allow us to meet their dog.

Whenever he sees a dog he begins barking and whining, which I know is not aggressive, but not everyone understands this. He just cannot contain his excitement. We've tried various training methods, and clicker training worked incredibly well to get him to walk with a loose leash, but he just cannot handle the excitement of seeing another dog.

Because there are no dog parks most dogs socialize when they're on walks, but because he has started to bark and lunge at other dogs people will avoid us.

I know that he needs to socialize more to reduce these tendencies, but I can't get my neighbors to allow us to interact with their dogs.
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