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Originally Posted by Harry and Lola View Post
I have always had their beds next to ours when they were puppies, I didn't leash them though, just closed the bedroom door so they can't leave. In terms of crying because they can no longer feel and be around their litter mates, I would just reach down and and give them a neck massage of a stroke and tell them to 'go sleep', they usually settle down. In terms of crying for toilet, make sure they go just before you go to bed and then if they wake up a few hours later, take them outside.
Thank you. Did you do any type of crate training, and if so, did you wait a certain amount of time before starting it with them?

I'm not sure if I should start her crate training from the first night or let her sleep on a blanket for the first night out of a crate (next to my bed), then transition her to crate training overnight once she gets over being away from her mother and litter.
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