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Default Only wants to CHEW on tug

I have already read a few threads regarding building tug drive, but my question is a bit different than the topics I've found so far. Red seems to be pretty prey-driven, from my inexperienced eye - LOVES his flirt pole, chases birds, squirrels, bugs (eww), etc. Therefore, I figured tug would be easy to teach him and possibly be a great reward alternative.

Red will tug with me for a little bit (have fuzzy tug, rope tug, and rope ball tug), but not very enthusiastically no matter how silly I act or how excited I try to get him, and always uses his paws to try and get over the top of the tug and pull it to the ground to destroy/chew on it. He loses interest if he doesn't win, but when he does win all he wants is to chew on the tug, not reengage in our game.

I suppose putting it that way, it's probably an issue of engagement... I've watched the engagement videos that are always posted and acted like a goofball to try and keep his interest, but I suppose I must be doing something wrong or not understanding the information correctly! Hah. (Note: we do not have a problem with engagement during our training sessions, just while trying to play, it seems.)

Anyway, thanks in advance for any responses I may get, and please enjoy a couple pics of Red-Dog for inspiration.
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