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Rescue organization or Craigslist?

Now I don't want to pick a fight and start an argument here but I am wondering what people think about this topic?
Say you go to a rescue organization to get a dog, I think that is a great thing for people to do. You give a dog a second chance at having a fun and loving life.
BUUUUTTT Where do these dogs come from? Most likely they were Craigslist puppies or some such thing.
SOOOOO why would you not just pick up a puppy from CL?
Now I know some rescues have puppys but a lot don't.
If YOU (hoping you are a good person with all the right qualities to keep a shepherd and aren't going to give it up) got the puppy from CL you would have it from the YOUNG age they put them up there on and can train it and raise it in the manner suited to your lifestyle.
If you get a rescue dog, it is most likely older (not always the worst thing!) but it has experiences you do not know about, could be good, most likely bad since it has ended up in a rescue situation.
I am against supporting back yard breeders but you know that someone is going to come along and buy the puppies so they are supported anyway.
Also SOME (not all) rescues charge a ridiculous amount of money for the dogs they have! Granted they may come with shots and a vet check but I would do that as one of the first things on my list anyway in order to be a good dog Mom.
So anyway again, not trying to pick a fight just wanted to see what others think.
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