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Getting a puppy in 5 weeks!

So I am now scrambling to prepare. I did some research for local training clubs around me, and found one guy that is a national champion with his Malinois for Schutzhund, I have space in my yard to play with the dog, and I can erect a 10x10 kennel pretty easily to give him a home when I'm at work.

But now I need to do more research!

I read a ton about socializing and training pups, but I want to read more. Can you guys provide links to information that you've used successfully in training your dogs? I should be able to digest the information pretty quickly in my preparations, especially since I've been reading a ton.

Let me know! I also would love recommendations for toys, crates, other investments for the dog, activities, etc. to do with my puppy as it grows (and what not to do!)

I already plan on avoiding Dog Parks...

Thanks again
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