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Can your shepherd read your mind/thoughts?

Trainers will often tell you your feelings can transfer from you, down the leash to your dog and I feel this is true. But has your dog ever read the exact details of your thoughts?

I took Molly to work with me a couple days ago. I usually take her out for a pee or potty break to the sidewalk or across the street to a nicely landscaped area of a large shopping center. My husband was at the office and I told him I was taking Molly out for a pee. This time, Molly decided she wanted to go through the shopping center to the nice path on top of a river levee on the far end of the center. It was a quiet morning and Molly and I were relaxed, she was leisurely taking in all the smells.

At the levee I wondered if my husband was thinking about where I was, but if he needed me, he could reach me on my Nextel PTT. Then I realized I did not have my office keys since I just expected to go out to the sidewalk and if my husband must leave for an emergency police tow, he is going to be really upset waiting 5-10 minutes for me to get back.

Immediately after that thought, Molly decided it was time to go back to the office, she not only walked in that direction, but she started running. So I was a little embarrassed trotting through this shopping center with my big GSD, but at least there is a PetSmart there so customers are used to seeing dogs. Molly got me back to work quickly and my husband never knew I flaked and forgot my keys. I just love these dogs!
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