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I am looking for a good family dog, probably female for my 11 yr old son and I. I grew up with one and just fell in love with them.
I looked at a couple others... but i cant see spending several thousand on one, not for what I am looking for.

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This place gives me really bad vibes - aside from the point that they don't list any OFA results for any of their dogs, nor any titles, under their "our dogs" section there appear to be a HUGE amount of dogs and their kennel is licensed by the state. All of this leads me to believe they are a large-scale, commercial operation - and if that's true, it's not someone I would ever want to support or purchase a dog from.

What kind of GSD are you looking for? What lines?
Here is a bunch of info to start with:
Things to look for in a 'Responsible' Breeder
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