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concerned about my puppy 12 weeks

I purchased a puppy from a breeder in VA. He is now 12 weeks old and has been with us three weeks. He is my first German Shepherd as I have always had Akitas growing up and we have one rescue retriever who is 11. My concern is the puppy seems traumatized he does not like to leave the house to even go for a walk unless I bring my 11 year old dog with him. If I leave her he basically refuses to walk if I manage to get him to go he pulls trying to get back to the house. Even with her he acts very unsure but it is manageable. Taking him anywhere like pet smart he fights to get out of the door wants nothing to do with other puppies and in training class he tries to hide under my legs. He also does not want to be approached by strangers he will attempt to hide under my feet as well.
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