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fear pulling, prong collar doesnt work anymore

hey guys,

little back story - my guy has always suffered from mental issues with fear and we have gone through dozens of trainers and spent thousands and thousands of dollars to help him deal with it but it all ends up the same way, he hates being outdoors unless hes around other dogs or at the dog park.

the problem is when we take him out to pee and poop, he usually is fine but occasionally if a UPS truck drives by, or even a person for that matter, he is bolting straight for the house. he does wear a prong collar, but to be honest, i cant hold him anymore! we had a halti at one point on him for when he pulls this hard, but he ended up with a strained neck because he is so scared, nothing will stop him from getting back inside, even if it means hurting himself. what other harness or collar do you recommend to use to help control him when he pulls, because at this rate, i would have to let go of the leash because i cannot physically hold him (and i do not want to let go of the leash for fear he will get hit by a car or worse).
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