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Question which dog?? (long long)

Hi, I'm new to this so still unsure what I'm doing. But anyways, I'm 17 and my parents are allowing me to get a German shepherd. I have been in love with the breed forever and finally have time to care for it. I'm going to be adopting one from the shelter, but I'm torn between these 2 dogs.
Dog #1:
Age: 2
Color: sable
Sex: female
Description: very hyper, EXTREMELY vocal, and untrained. Not good with small animals. Unsure with kids. She seems like a good young dog to train, but like a typical shepherd, she MUST have mental challenges or will become destructive.

Dog #2:
Age: 7
Color: Black
Sex: Male
Description: VERY mellow. Not vocal, great with dogs/cats/kids. Timid and shy at first but quickly warms up. Overweight, he's about 100lbs but 20lbs over.

About me: I'm home schooled, practically home everyday all day. I am looking for a walking buddy, one that I can take to the dog park, lake, or just sit home with. I was leaning towards the mellow one, but he seems like he is likely to get hip problems. And he doesn't seem to have any energy... he doesn't do much.
My concern with the female is that she is too unpredictable and her prey drive is too high. When I took her out to play she seemed more interested in the other dogs, trying to get to them. She was barking and had her hair up but had her tail wagging....idk just seemed unpredictable.
Problem is, I can totally see myself living with either. They are both great dogs in general, bit idk...what do you think? Sorry for it being so long and if there isn't enough info.
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