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Originally Posted by Timsar View Post
I guess the main issue the guy has with 6 weeks is that he doesn't want to pay for their shots at 6 weeks. I can tell him that I'll pay for those and want the puppies to stay with their mom until 8 weeks.

Why do you say 8 weeks anyways?

Why should the parents be OFA certified before the litter? Is it not good enough if they get OFA certified now (few weeks after the litter has been born)?
It means the breeder isn't what most around here would consider an "ethical" breeder. Sounds very much like a backyard breeder, throwing some dogs together because they are purebred and AKC registerable (real word?). Most here would never support going to this breeder, given the information you've provided so far (not OFA'd, doesn't want to pay for the 6 week shots so sending the pups home early...etc..) Just sounds like an outfit most wouldn't support. On top of which you are setting yourself up for potential health and temperament problems by supporting a breeder who does no testing for either thing at all, rather than going to a breeder that temperament tests and health tests their stock (through sport, real world work, OFA hips and elbows, cardiac, DM, etc...). By selecting a breeder that does all these things with their stock you are stacking the odds in your favor for temperament and health.

The advice you are going to get is probably going to be a resounding, "keep looking." There are some great threads around here on "how to pick a breeder." Good luck.

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