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Originally Posted by EliteGSD View Post
I am currently looking for a breeder in my area, and was strongly leaning towards one in particular after a friend adopted a puppy from there. While visiting the website, I was examining the conformation of the dogs. Some of the them were 120lbs and 120+. Then I came across another breeder in my area who was strongly against these "larger" Germans Shepherds. What is your view on this situation? Does it effect the health or well-being of the dog? Is it simply personal preference?
I personally prefer the larger ones. Some say that the "larger" shepherds don't perform as well working wise.. I don't know, I don't work mine. But as pets they are amazing. I lost one at 9 to DM (nothing to do with size)and his brother is 12 almost 13. Sadly he is not going to make it to 13 due to arthritis and other issues.
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