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Originally Posted by glowingtoadfly View Post
Skadi had a similar behavior. We used a ball, her favorite thing, to redirect her and have her do obedience before continuing the walk. Our behaviorist told us to incorporate obedience into play... Having the dog sit or lay down, or both, before throwing the ball or frisbee. Stepping on the leash also worked well. What kind of collar/leash/harness is your dog on?
Today he was on a nylon flat leash clipped to his leather collar. But last time he was on a slip lead, made of soft round rope, which is what I use most of the time with him. And I think the first time we were probably still using the EZ-Walk harness.

Stepping on the leash didn't work, because it left him able to nip my legs--I actually had to hold him away from me. I didn't have a toy with me, but I'll try to remember to bring one from now on, to see if he'll be interested in it. I do have him sit and wait at doors and often before throwing fetch items, and he's very compliant in those settings.
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