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Originally Posted by mamajag View Post
She ends up knocking him down and getting on top of him. She tries to puppy wrestle with him, but he's not a pup so ends up with scratches and scrapes from her attempts. Putting her in her crate is nothing. She likes it there (which I've read she should?). I know being gated into the kitchen annoys the snot out of her. That's all I've got, and why I came here for ideas. I haven't done the puppy thing in a long time. I've adopted dogs around a year of age the last couple of times I adopted a dog.
Do you keep her on a lead? Zoe is still (at 19 weeks) always on leash in the house so that I can make sure she doesn't knock them over. I know it sucks when they can't play with the pups they so desperately wanted. I'm still struggling at times so hopefully someone else has some great ideas.
Does she have a favorite toy? Zoe will grab her favorite toy when she gets really excited and I think it helps keep her mouth busy.

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