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Originally Posted by ZoeD1217 View Post
What would she do if he stood completely still? I have a 5 yr old as well and the first few weeks she had a rough time. We told her to "be a tree" and every time Zoe would get amped up she'd stand completely still and say "stay brave"....I felt awful for her that she was scared and Zoe was (still is) always on a leash. In addition to that putting Zoe in her crate worked wonders. When she was still only 12 weeks she usually just needed a nap when she was going bonkers. It's LOADS better now. They are best friends. Of course now Zoe has targeted my 9 yr old daughter. I don't know why she seems to focus on just one.

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She ends up knocking him down and getting on top of him. She tries to puppy wrestle with him, but he's not a pup so ends up with scratches and scrapes from her attempts. Putting her in her crate is nothing. She likes it there (which I've read she should?). I know being gated into the kitchen annoys the snot out of her. That's all I've got, and why I came here for ideas. I haven't done the puppy thing in a long time. I've adopted dogs around a year of age the last couple of times I adopted a dog.
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