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Biting towards only one child

Hi, I am a new mama to Gretchen, a 12-week-old GSD. At first she nipped and bit at everyone for attention. We stopped her from going after myself, my husband, and my 2 daughters (7 and 9) with the yelping and ignoring. It took less than a week. The problem is with my 5-year-old son. When he yelps and tries to ignore her, it feeds her frenzy. She gets worse and recently she drew blood from my son's ear. I know she's a pup and doesn't know better. How can I stop her from going after my son? He was so happy to be getting a puppy as he's not really a cat person, but now he's afraid of her. He says she wants to eat him up. She's trying to play, but she's playing very inappropriately.

She gets 3 long walks a day (we have 6 acres and walk the perimeter twice which ends in tired puppy begging to go in the house), 2 play sessions with me (usually fetching a tennis ball and playing tug of war), 2 to 3 hours outside with the kids in the yard (we're homeschoolers), and several short training sessions (just your basic sit, stay, come, etc right now as she hasn't mastered them yet). She walks on the leash very well, rides in the van with us for short errands, and hangs out with me in the church's park while the kids have Bible study. We tire her out regularly. She hangs out with me on the bed for about an hour before bedtime. By the time I am sending her to her crate for sleep, she is grateful for it and drags her favorite stuffy in with her for the night.

I don't know how to handle the situation with my son, though. She has ripped 2 of his shirts and a pair of jeans and in general treats him more like another puppy than anything else. She feeds off of his panic, and it's making me sad that he's getting such a rough time from a pup he was so excited about, kwim?
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