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Nonny Smells Terrible!

I'm hoping for some advice about Nonny's odor. He's always had a strong smell that gets worse when outside and if he hasn't had a bath in a while. I've tried him on different foods, and nothing seems to help. Even a bath only helps in the short term.

The smell is somewhat fishy (not the popcorn type smell of yeast), musky, pungent, and carries a long way. I can smell him from up to 6-7 feet away, and especially if he walks through the room. Even his excrement carries the same odor along with the regular odors of excrement. Like, I could ID his poop out of several. This morning he had an accident and I could smell it almost 20 feet away.

I should note that he's had some GI problems in the past and does seem to have a sensitive stomach. I've tried switching him to raw b/c that really does help with shedding, skin condition, and odor, but it gave him diarrhea, and the weight loss from that was too much for him at that age. I'm going to try again this summer when I have more time to watch over him and tweak his diet.

What could cause such a foul and off outing odor? I've searched and I can't find anything about this specific type of odor. What can I do to combat this? The kids don't even want to play with him b/c he smells so bad. This is beyond needing a bath, even though that will help a little. This smell seems to be coming from the inside out.
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