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Post Puppy doesn't like mouth/teeth touched

Just wondering if you guys have any tips on how to get our puppy to tolerate his teeth being examined.

He is 4 months old and the trainer at our obedience/agility club suggested handling his lips/gums and giving him treats. I've tried that but have to admit it really hasn't done much. He thrashes his head around, tries to nip at the hand, etc. He's also started teething which I don't think is helping.

Otherwise we've worked with him a lot on handling him and touching him. He is totally fine with his ears being handled, will let us clean his ears (though he expects a treat!), he is the easiest pup I've ever had when it comes to clipping nails, he's just very chill. He is also pretty good with being brushed, although sometimes does try to grab at the brush.

The teeth thing is the only one that I just can't make inroads with.

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