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Genetics and the gsd

Not sure if anyone watched the show on Animal Planet called Science of the Dog, but it was quite interesting. It discussed how no other mammal on the planet has the extreme variations that dogs do and how it is because of human manipulation (people creating breeds for their own purpose). It also discussed how malleable dog DNA is and how this isnt found in other species of animal and leads to the relatively quick transformation in developing a breed.

Another fact that was fascinating was that how apparently 1 in every 4 pure bred dogs in the world have a genetic problem, like hip dysplasia because new DNA and variations arent introduced.

Are breeders that consistently breed from the same dogs doing a disservice to the GSD and other breeds? Should there be a limit to how many pups a dog can sire or whelp? Isnt allowing a dog to sire hundreds and hundreds of pups because he is a great working line or show line reducing variation?
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