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Am I doing this right?

Am I doing this right? I have, by way of the mighty Frisbee, taught Shadow that 'out' means drop it right now and 'leave it' means walk away, return to me and wait for the release to go back to what you were doing. Yesterday it worked perfectly, barely, but is this the right way to do it? I am also working on redirect by way of teaching her the difference between 'ball', 'stick' and 'frisbee'. and working on impulse control using the same things but making her sit and wait. Is this ok or am I creating a bigger issue?
Yesterday I let her run loose for a minute while we were way up in the mountains, and she did exactly what I feared and took off tracking something. I was able to redirect to her Frisbee and get her back but barely. She won't be loose again until I do more work and get a GPS tracker for her collar, 'Here' is not something she does well which is why we use 'Bring'. Fifty percent with 'here' versus ninety-nine with 'bring', it was a no brainer for me.
Keep in mind that this is a dog that could care less about pleasing me, she is one hundred percent self serving. If what she wants makes me happy that's just a bonus. She is RULED my her nose, absolutely. And she is really good, nothing gets by that nose. How do I teach her to leave a track and return? She will literally do ANYTHING to follow that nose. I don't want to follow some animal for miles until she decides she is done with it, but I don't want to deter the nose either.
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