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Default Need some insight on Shepherd spinal arthritis

Recently my dog was having some pain in his back. Second vet trip he decided to do some X-rays and it showed some arthritis/vertebrae fused together. Those have been submitted to the radiologist and I will know more when they hear back. For now he put Reeko on Rimadyl (1 pill every 12 hours) and also have to give him Adequan injections once every 3 days for a week...then every 4 days twice...then once a week for 2 weeks. I am to bring Reeko back in 30 days to see how he is doing. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with dealing with this. The medicine is a little expensive but won't be to bad once he is on the shot only twice a month (if he isn't off of it all together). So I am really just looking to see if anyone has dealt with this and if you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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