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You mentioned you and your wife are dog trainers, what methods have you been using with Marvel thus far. Do you not typically train dogs with this kind of history? Is it mandatory that your pack gets along and can co-exist around each other in the same space or are you prepared to crate and rotate if it comes to that? If he has lived on a chain and all he has known is a backyard, I would evaluate his temperament and behavior in the real world and go from there so you can assess what areas he really needs to improve on. I had a 10 month old foster years ago who grew up in a backyard and never knew anything outside of those parameters. He was a huge bag of nerves and even the rustle of leaves on trees set him off. I have also worked with dogs in similar situations who have bounced back in no time and didn't carry any of that baggage from their past life.

With any new dog in my home, they eat from my hand(mainly during training/engagement sessions) for at least the first two weeks. No food comes from a bowl or the ground so I can immediately start the trust and communication foundation.

ps there is no way in **** I would agree upon giving this person another puppy unless they commit to training classes and follow through with it...and vet care.

"If you don't train them, don't blame them"

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