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Revisiting allergies that cause eye boogies in GSDs!?!

Our 1 GSD and 2 huskies were on a kibble diet that covered all meat protein sources, and they never had those eye boogers. When I switched them all to a 100% exclusively raw diet, Nara my GSD started getting insane amounts of eye boogies. My 2 huskies get little dry boogies from time to time, but not on the scale of Nara. Nara will have the runny, goopy ones that make large gobs/balls with long lines down her snout from her eyes. I'm constantly cleaning her eyes, and within minutes she has them back again.

So now with the adoption of Kaze, our new GSD, he was on the cheapest kibble for his first 2 years of life. While petsitting him and then adopting him and transitioning him to raw, I remember that he NEVER had eye boogies. Now that he's been on raw for a month or so, he constantly has those boogers too. Is this just a GSD reaction? Our huskies don't really get them, and all 4 dogs eat the same foods everyday. Also, what's causing this? I know I researched this years ago with Nara when we first switched her, and I think the overall response was an allergy to poultry/chicken. I went poultry-free for a while and don't remember much of a change. Are there other reasons that cause this? Should I switch them all off chicken/poultry for months and see if the boogies clear up and go away? I'm pretty sure Kaze's kibble was chicken/poultry, and he didn't get the eye boogers until we switched him to raw.

Eye boogies are not enough for me to desire ever switching back to kibble, as I know that raw has a lot more benefits to their overall health minus these eye issues. But if I can have my cake and eat it too, I'd love to keep them on raw with no more goopy eyes.

Please help if you've dealt with this and discovered the problem/source and/or solution! Thanks in advance!!
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