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Advice on a new to us 10 mo German Shepherd

Greeting to all of the German Shepard owners. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that we are quite excited about getting a new German Shepherd tomorrow. This will not be our first by any means, both my wife and I have owned Shepherds for many years. However this shepherd is going to be a little different than most we have gotten. He isn't a rescue per say but in some ways he is. His present name is Marvel, but I believe we probably change that, since we usually name our dogs with names that fit their personality after we get them, but for now we will call him Marvel.

A little bit about Marvel. Marvel is about 10 months old, he is a AKC registered German Shepherd, he is of the Red silver tipped variety, and is beautifully proportioned. He is very smart, very attentive, and seems willing to learn. Unfortunately, that is the good news. On the negative side, he has been left on a chain for the last four months, hasn't had any toys to play with, and has had very little attention. In fact, he hardly knows his name. He is housebroken, but after he got bigger, the father of the owner, demanded that he be put outside because he was knocking stuff of of end table etc as he walked by, with his tail, or at least that is the story we were told. We came in contact with Marvel after my wife was contacted to train him, as she and I are both dog trainers. After the first session with him my wife came home and was amazed at just how smart he was, but disappointed at the treatment he was receiving. In fact the treatment was so bad that my wife conceded that she had considered calling the humane society because he was malnourished, and had not been seen by a vet since he was 6 weeks old. He is also infested with fleas, although he did not appear to be scratching himself to a point where he had sores. My wife went to the owner and his parents and told them of her concerns, and they agreed to improve his care, which they did. My wife continued to do some basic training with him, but could get no cooperation from the owner in working with him on what she was teaching him, so my wife decided that her training time could be more well spent on other dogs she was working with.

Then last weekend, I noticed that the owner of the dog, has advertised him in a local advertising forum for sale, and he was asking $550. Well we learned that several people had inquired about Marvel but after seeing him and realizing that he had very little formal training, and was 10 months old, they passed on him.

Finally in desperation, and because the owner did love the dog, he is in the military, and is set to be sent overseas, he contacted us about the dog. At first he wanted us to pay something for the Marvel, but after we explained that there would expenses from the beginning with him, due to the fact that his shots had not been kept up to date, plus we would have to treat him for the fleas. He then ask if we would at a point down the road after he was out of the service find a registered female GS and get him a pup. We then explained to him that even though he was an AKC register GS that we would not breed him unless we had him examined by a vet to insure that he did not have hip dysplasia which would be even more expense, but that we would be willing to cover the expenses, if he was found to be of stud quality, then we would find a female to breed him with and give him a puppy, if we were allowed to just adopted Marvel. This was agreed and he is going to bring the dog to us tomorrow.

As I said, we have owned German Shepherds for many years, however our last was about 5-7 years ago, and he had to be put down because of a temperament change which endangered other dogs we owned and worked with, and at the time we also had a granddaughter that was a toddler, and we feared bad things might happen, however that is a story for another day.

What I am asking of you faithful German Shepherd owners is what would you advise us to watch for, what advice might you give, and any other helpful information that would help in our effort to train and discipline Marvel.

We also have three other dogs, Max a 14 year old dachshund, Sherman a 3 year old Australian Shepherd, and Yo-Yo a 1 year old Rat Terrier, with Sherman being the dominate male, as long as Max allows him to be, lol. One of our biggest concerns is that Sherman being the dominate male might clash with Marvel, although he is younger, than Sherman.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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