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Default In the market for a harness?

I just got my guy's new bitework harness! It's one that several of the people at my club have and swear by. They all have large rotties and the harnesses have held up awesome for them. I attached a few pics (and some from bitework), it's from's $84.99 but if you watch the daily sales he sometimes puts it on sale for 59.99 which is an AWESOME deal! It's double leather, reinforced, and my FAVORITE parts are the clips! My dog turns into a freaking bucking bronco when he realizes we are at training, and he gets to go bite stuff. The clips are so nice instead of wrestling a leg through and buckling while he is nipping at me to go faster and trying to bite everything lol. They are heavy duty clips. It's a heavy harness, but I love it. So if you're looking, I'd really recommend it.

I got the XL which goes 75+ lbs. My guy is 76 and it's on the tightest buckles and a little loose. So if your dog is full grown and 70-78 I'd think the Large would be fine.
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