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We have no difference here, yet. Though it is written into the new law in Ohio, that leaves a provision for it, and counties can do that if they choose to.

A dog license is $12.

A kennel license (required for anyone who keeps dogs for the purpose of breeding or hunting) is $60. And you get 5 license tags, and additional tags may be purchased for $1. (You will have to have a vendor's license, which is a 1-time fee for $25.

If you do not have your dog licensed by 1/31 then the charge is doubled. $24.

I have NEVER had to turn in evidence for vaccination while getting my licenses.

The money goes to the dog/kennel fund. This funds the dog warden, and whatever expenses for picking up strays. Some is supposed to go to farmers if livestock is killed by dogs. They have to make a claim. Beyond that, they can donate to an organization for the prevention of cruelty of animals and children. But I think it just goes into the general fund which is always in bad shape.

The shelter here is privately owned and operated. The dog warden can pay to house strays there for the number of days required. After that, the shelter may take on the dog, or the dog will be euthanized.

We have no dog parks, no dog-friendly beaches, no poopie bags paid for by the government on the bike trail.

If you do not license your dogs, nothing will happen to you UNLESS the dog warden is called to your house for a different complaint, then they can ask whether or not your dogs are licensed, and fine you -- twice what a license will cost you, and for that you get a license. I would be so much better off, if I had all these years, not purchased a license.

If they pick up your dog, and you have it licensed (like you have the collar with the tag on it -- fat chance), then they will keep it longer in the shelter so you can get it back and they will contact you. I don't know if they will fine you or not for dog at large, probably.

I think all dog owners should pay for the privileges that the government pays for with respect to dogs. If they maintain a dog park, shelter, dog warden, etc. That should be paid for by dog owners. ALL dog owners, not just the responsible ones. And I think that if the government runs a shelter, then they it makes sense for them to increase the cost of licensing for intact animals, even though only a percentage of people actually allow their intact animals breed, and only a percentage of them do not home their puppies.

You have government or you have anarchy. If you choose government, then you have to pay for it. If you choose anarchy then likely you will pay for it a lot more. If you do not like the choices the government makes, get involved in it. Know what laws are proposed and argue against them. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but at least you do something. If you have done something, and it doesn't come out your way, then maybe civil disobedience is an avenue to trod. I would choose my battles on that though.

Giving up on going through channels, writing letters to your assembly-persons, writing letters to the editor, etc, and going right to civil disobedience though, I think is a cop out.

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