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I'm Worried.

As some of you know, I own a 2-year-old(soon to be 3) female GSD that has major aggression issues. At first I wasn't too worried about it until she starting attacking people. I'm not talking about the fearful nip that GSD's give when they're afraid. I'm talking about the full on latch onto arm type deal.

Ivy was a rescue dog that I adopted last year and her previous owner had tried various methods to get her to stop, but eventually gave up when no improvement showed. I've had Ivy for a year now and things seem to be getting out of hand. She is extremely aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. It has gotten so bad that people no longer want to visit my house because they are afraid of her.

However, Ivy hasn't showed any aggression towards me at all. While she's eating I'll take the bowl away and she's just fine. I done various tests to see if she aggressive towards me and not once has she growled or snapped at me. It's only strangers. Since I've had Ivy, she's bitten 4 different people that have come to visit me and all of them has had to get stitches.

Yesterday's was the worse. Yesterday, my Aunt needed to use the restroom and dropped by my house. I was at work at the time when this happened. My Aunt used my spare key under the mat and went inside. Ivy was also inside laying down in the living room. Ivy saw my Aunt, and thinking she was an intruder, attacked. Ivy latched onto my Aunt's arm and wouldn't let go. My Aunt panicked and was able to drag Ivy(who was still attached to her arm) into the doorway of the bathroom. My Aunt tried smashing Ivy's head between the door and the door frame to get her to let go. It didn't work. While Ivy still had her fangs in her arm, My Aunt was able to rip her arm out and locked herself in the bathroom. My Aunt dialed 911 and had to crawl out the bathroom window to get outside.

In the end, my Aunt had to get 23 stitches in her arm. I don't know what to do at this point with Ivy anymore. My Aunt didn't press charges only because of me. I love Ivy with all my heart's contempt but I can't do this anymore. I have 4 other GSD's that are complete sweethearts, but Ivy is just horrible toward strangers. I need help. I don't want to put her down, but I don't know how to change her behavior.

Ivy-2 (melanistic black GSD)
Jorden-3 (black and tan GSD)
New; Hunter-7 months (melanistic black GSD)
Spencer-5 months (don't-know-color-yet GSD)
Jake-Died at 16 years (faded bi-color)
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