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So Very Sad, how do I get through this week.

When I used the last refill on his medication I made an appointment for yesterday for an exam and bloodwork. Over the past month it has become clear that Buddy is going downhill fast. He back legs are twisting more and more. He is falling down a lot. He has had a few fatty tumors on his chest for the last couple of years but recently we've noticed there are much, much more. My husband and I decided this weekend that unless the vet had some magic miracle up her sleeve it is time. We can see it in his eyes. Yesterday I did all his favorite things, we went for a car ride, I fed him a big marrow bone and basically spoiled him rotten. at 4:30 (our appointment was for 5) the vets office called, there was an emergency and she wasn't going to be able to see Buddy. They rescheduled for next Monday.

I am a basket case. I'm thrilled I get another week with Bud but at the same time I am heartbroken and crying. How can I possibly do this the whole week? I know the dogs are feeling our emotions. I don't want Buddy to be scared but I don't know how to dial back the absolute sorrow I'm feeling.
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