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Back legs nipping

I'm wondering if somebody knows or can suggest something - GSD, male, month - constant nipping his back legs. Checked with the vet couple month ago - he said its allergies. Got steroids, changed his food to another single source protein - a little better but with time got worse. Consulted with another vet - got same meds but bigger dose and longer time. Helped, but from time to time I just cannot stop him from nipping. Second vet also suggested to help his skin with weekly wash with Head&Shoulders for dry scalp. Looks like he is better after washing.
So, I guess what I'm trying to ask is if somebody had or has the same experience and how I can help my dog with this itching issue? Will I make another problem for him by washing him weekly? Should I give him anything to eat to help with itchy skin?

Also another issue - maybe its related, he has some bare spots on the outside of the ear tips.

Please share what ever you know.
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