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Default Beyond disgusting!

On Sunday afternoon we opened up my best friend's in-ground swimming pool.

There were thousands of dead worms waiting for us after we removed the pool cover. There were always some dead worms previous years, but nothing like this! I had the delightful task of scooping out huge piles of decaying worms - they had a stench that cannot be described adequately.

They wanted me to dump the dead worms around the base of the palms and banana plants as a natural fertilizer - big mistake!

Her husband let their two dogs, a lab and a golden chow mix, into the fenced area of the pool and I made the statement "I sure hope those dogs don't roll in those worms!". I wasn't quite finished the sentence when the golden mix immediately dropped on her back and proceeded to grind all of those nasty stinking dead worms into her long, luxurious coat. Dead worms were hanging off her entire body and she stunk to high heaven.

We should have taken a photo, but we were too busy gagging.

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