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Meh...if you don't spend money on training and trialing, it can be quite the lucrative business.

In the current market, a papered dog, from AKC registered parents, that has some titles in the 3rd or 4th pedigree...or an AKC champion or two, can probably easily go for $500 a piece. There are plenty of people out there that don't believe in spending $1000+ on a dog. So if you have a large liter, say 10 dogs, you've got $5000. Do that twice a year, you've got $10000. If you want to differentiate from the total BYB, x-ray and OFA cert costs about $200 total depending on your area.

Sure, if you run into complications you can lose some money, small liter also doesn't help...but if you do it the way that your family, and probably 95% of America thinks its done, you can make a nice Christmas bonus twice a year. Now, if you have 3 or 4're talking a good second salary.
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