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Yes, not many options in our location. Basic, intermediate 1-2, advanced (rarely held), scent 1-3, agility 1-3, don't let the door hit you on the bum on the way out! Nothing ongoing where you can keep working towards any goal at all. There's only one gal who does private sessions. There's one guy who trains in his backyard. There's one other place that doesn't return calls. There's the big petstores. Sum total in our area. I have been dealing with the idea that in a matter of a month or two I will max out and either keep retaking classes or chain the dog to a tree and go back to watching TV (just kidding! -- I just mean there are no dog on-going activity centers or training locations). Where I live I have a small area and a large deck. Not much I can do there. Can't walk because I am in mountains and there are wild animals roaming. I have found if I go out once a week the dog is content. Missing it makes for one pissy dog. Thanks for the encouragement -- I should have faith in people and figure these are the ones like me having maxed out of our dog schools, right?

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