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Free-form training session?

Sooooo, I get a note that there was not enough enrollment for our Intermediate 2 class. NOT starting this week. Maybe in a couple weeks, a month, two months ???? Way to go local peeps - just chain em to a tree and go back to watching TV!

I found a group in our area that meets once a week in a park for sort of free-form training. There is agility equipment, rally stations if anyone wants them (as she put it), and sort of everyone just doing whatever the want to work on. They end class with a long sit or down.

I still want to do scent with my dog school but probably after summer as it is on weekends and a new one won't start for 5 weeks anyway. So as of now I have a bored dog and no prospect of a class in sight (having taken Intermediate 1 twice now due to this same issue).

Trying to decide if I should go. On one hand, we could use the CGC practice since I may try the test soon. On the other hand it kind of sounds like a dog park with training commands.

Anyone do this kind of free-form training group? I look at it like it could be great or really horrible. It's free, but I live an hour away. I could make good friends to train with and get guidance from -- alot of these people compete in various disciplines --or I could find myself not accepted and in a total chaotic situation.

Should I give it a try or sit and wait for my nice, contolled, indoors, clean doggy school to find a session for us?

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