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Gastric cancer

My beloved Evoo was diagnosed with gastric cancer nearly a week ago. For a month, since her annual exam + vaccines, she has been having weird symptoms.... seeming very stressed, pacing all night long, irregular BMs (sometimes diarrhea, sometimes just soft, sometimes constipation, sometimes watery scary diarrhea, sometimes w/ blood) fatigue, inability to play fetch for more than 10 minutes two or three times a day (she used to go an hour 2x a day), then, suddenly, loss of appetite and pale gums and occasional non-response to commands (highly unusual for her)..... for the past week, she refuses to poop despite clearly needing to (dilated anus-sorry for visual) until after an hour or more of walking (used to take about 10-15 mins of walking to produce a BM), vomiting....

This is all complicated by the fact that she is DA (fearful, we have worked with 2 behaviorists and little has changed) and we live in an apartment complex where meeting other dogs at close range during normal waking hours is inevitable. Prior to the past month, she was on a potty/walk schedule of 4 AM, 5:45 AM, 2 PM, 3:45 PM, 8 PM, and 11:30 PM, which allowed us to avoid other dogs. Now, however, that she is refusing to eliminate (likely due to pain) and is taking >60 minutes of walking to produce a BM, this has all gone to heck and she sees other dogs very very regularly, which of course stresses her out beyond comprehension. Her prognosis is poor and at this point the treatment plan is palliative care only, but I can hardly provide that when, to eliminate as much as she *needs* to, she needs 4+ hours of walking a day and I can't provide that -- I especially can't provide it free of additional stress [other dogs]. Lately, I have been driving her to remote areas to walk and walk and walk and walk as often as I can, but we usually still run into another dog every other day at even the most remote of these areas, even during off times.

I took the next few days off work and we have an appointment for the vet to come to our home for her final appointment on Wednesday. As I type this she's laying next to me panting, stressed, ears flat back, looking at me like she wants me to help her -- we have walked for 5 hours today and she has produced 4 tiny BMs ranging from normal consistency to virtually water tinged with blood.

Heartbroken. It's so hard to watch her suffer

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