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Thinking of a puppy and lots of questions

1st post here so take it easy on me ladies and gents

A bit of background when I was in my teens and early twenties I had 2 GSD (at the same time) they always were great companions and I loved them but I was young and never was really responsible for them but always been part of my life.

Fast forward to today I'm in my mid 30's and have 2 10 years old twins asking me for a dog and of course I look now at things from a totally different perspective and trying to know what I am engaging myself in before saying yes (or no). What I know for sure is that I am not ready to spend time and love with any other breed than GSD I've always loved them

Here is a list of some concerns I have and would like your input on

1. Crate training: I do have a fairly big garden and not the kind that is reachable from the road so stealing the puppy won't be an issue but I still would feel safer if the dog is properly crate trained as it will help me for transport and I somehow prefer to have him inside at nights

2. Biting: I know a bit about soft mouth but I am concerned about the kids would a puppy's bit be serious enough to hurt them before he is used to "soft mouth" ?

3. Training: I am planning on train the dog myself, nothing world class or competition, just obedience training and, above all, soft temperament, I don't want to end with a dog as a liability. I am not convinced in any training center we have here

4. Leash walking: loose leash walking is very important for me. Since we are a family and anyone could take the dog for a walk and an adult GSD can rapidly out-strong us all

5. Separation anxiety

6. Socialization: how to do it correctly and what does it include? only people or also dogs/cats/cars/noise etc...

anything to add to the list or advise to give ? any tips you could share or sites / links that are worth reading ?

I have already ordered Ivan DVDs 1 & 2

N.B: I have about 6 months before the puppy arrives, in case we decide to get one

Thanks again

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